Dawn - EP

by Port Harbour

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Dawn is the debut EP from Virginia based sextet Port Harbour. Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered completely by the band, Dawn features four songs that offer a diverse and compelling introduction to the group’s unique blend of lyrical indie rock.

The product of five months of writing and production, the EP lyrically explores concepts of humility, pain, and redemption amidst a musical backdrop of quiet, intimate moments and epic swells.

Dawn EP is the first musical entry by the band that desires to create and cultivate meaningful community and conversation. Read the About page for more information and follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Merch is available at our BigCartel site.


released February 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Port Harbour Harrisonburg, Virginia

Port Harbour is an independent, self-produced, six-piece rock band from Harrisonburg, Virginia.

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Track Name: Avalanche
Don't look at me with the sparkles in your eyes
Don't look at me, cause this is all disguise
There's more to me than the good you thought you knew
There's more to me like I'm sure there's more to you

I am a broken stone, full of broken bones
I’m an avalanche
Singin’ I am a rescue feat, the hardest one you’ll meet
I’m an avalanche

Don't look expectantly like there's diamonds in my hands
Don't look respectfully like I've found some grander plan
There's death in me and it's running through and through
There's nothing left in me like there's nothing left in you
Track Name: Gun In Hand
You've made your mistakes and I've made a few of my own
At the end of the day it seems you've made a few more
So I'll count all your weaknesses like bullets from a gun
And I'll turn a blind eye when your blood begins to run

I'll call it a suicide even though there's blood on my hands
I know it's my fault your heart died, I hope you'll give me a second chance
Cause I blamed you but the gun is in my hand

I analyzed the times when we both went up in arms
I took all our crimes and made you guilty as charged
I found your weaknesses and called them evidence at the scene
But I was ignorant to the weaknesses in me

I finally see all of this is because of me
I fought so hard to believe that my pride would set me free
But all that pride provides is pain, it never takes its share of blame
Now I know, I finally see all of this is because of me

I'm forgiven as I forgive
I forgive you for all you did
Now I turn my gaze to the places where you can forgive me if you please

This is a suicide, death to my selfishness
I'm letting this heart die with hopes of a second chance
I am made new and I choose new life again
The gun is in my hands
Track Name: Dawn
Embers floating hazy in the wind
Day approaching, waiting to begin
But it seems the dawn's prolonging
Keeping darkness in the forefront of my mind

The bitter cold lays grip upon my skin
Cold as death, cold as bitter sin
Would you bring a resurrection
Would you breathe this imperfection back to life

Break the dawn, make haste, take this emptiness away
Give me life in my veins, pull me from this lonely grave
Break the dawn, make haste, let the light shine on my face
Dissolve the night and with it my shame

Smoke rises from the coals and fills my lungs
The pale glow shows all that I have done
Would you heal my imperfection
Would you speak your resurrection in this night

Break the dawn
Track Name: Lost Child
Cross-legged and confused, I have sat here before
Same stains are on the carpet, same toys across the floor
The darkness shades the colors made
I am blinded to the good
Like a child with a rusted smile
He would shout if he could

I’ve been here a while
But this doesn’t feel like home
Nothing is familiar
Have I lost my way, or have we lost this place

Going back to where I started
Maybe I’ll see the same again
I’ll surround myself with old friends
And ignore the pain I’m in
I’ll close my eyes, no don’t you cry
Everything’s perfect out there
But what I feel, this is real
Devised inside to create care

We’ve been here a while
But this doesn’t feel like home
But we’re here for now
We will lose our way
But he’ll renew this place